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Testbed’s Autumnal menu starts with a programme about, well, menus. And it ends with some revealing programmes recorded in Cuba for BBC Radio 4 and BBC World Service. The bill of fare includes some specially commissioned audio for the Science Museum, an Archive on 4 which challenges the airy notion of ‘the public’ and an evocative programme about British theatre innovator Joan Littlewood.


In The Art of the Menu BBC Radio 4, 29th September 2014, 16.30 miscellanist and language sandwich man Ben Schott studies the menu-maker’s craft and discovers an eater who kept – and annotated - every menu from which he ate for forty years. 'such a tiny subject that it has no right to be this fascinating' Guardian

For the Science Museum producers Tamsin Hughes, Peregrine Andrews, Sarah Cuddon and Ellie Dobing have been creating audio for the new Information Age exhibition, with audio items about how the Coronation in 1953 introduced ‘appointment to view’ TV; Lyon’s Corner House’s revolutionary 1950’s computer, Leo as well as some moving testimony about how technology and humanity converge to make the Samaritans such an effective service.

'Yes Man’ creator Danny Wallace will listen to those who say they are Speaking as a Member of the Public 18th October 2014, 20.00 in Radio 4’s Archive Hour. He’s been vox popping about vox pops and asking who is and who isn’t a member of the public.

The Gospel According to Joan BBC Radio 3, October 26th 2014 19.45 is a 45 minute account of the working methods and influence of Joan Littlewood, Britain’s favourite theatre revolutionary, with testimony from Joan herself, as well as those who knew her and worked with her. It marks the 100th anniversary of her birth.


In Cuba Offline BBC Radio 4, 23rd October 11.30 am

Nick Baker and Arnaldo Hernandez Diaz ask what happens when one of the world’s least connected countries, Cuba, gets the internet. 'Eye-opening' Daily Telegraph. 'Voices and snatches of Latin music are beguiling' Sunday Times

It’s a subject taken up again in their BBC World Service hour long feature, Human Cubans, BBC World Service November 22nd 2014 which looks at gay life in Cuba, as well as meeting some surprising Cuban trained doctors.



All past series of Fry’s English Delight with Stephen Fry are available to download here at Audible.com and a new series is planned for 2015