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Fry's English Delight with Stephen Fry

BBC Radio 4, 4th August 2014, 9am

Stephen Fry returns with programmes about Magical Language and Capital Punishment (which includes punishingly difficult tests about what should and shouldn’t have capital letters). There are also programmes about the joy of Reading Aloud and the difficulty of defining Plain English. Our guests include illusionist Derren Brown, Phillip Pullman, Professor Stephen Pinker and radio star Charlotte Green with whom Stephen dances the tango Bear-of-few words Sooty makes a guest appearance. As ever, the first six series are available here at Audible.com


Propero & Ariel

The BBC Tour

BBC Radio 4 Extra 9th August 2014

An audio tour of 90 years of BBC Buildings, from 2L0 and Savoy Hill via Telly Centre and New Broadcasting House, with a stopover in Lime Grove, known to the newsy types there as Grime Grove. You can do a tour of a BBC Building near you, but these three hours for 4 Extra give you the unauthorised audio version, and feature a little known murder at Broadcasting House, as well as the story of Eric Gill’s famous Prospero and Ariel. There’s also an explanation of the origin of the word broadcasting. Your guide is radio enthusiast Nick Baker.