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90 x 90

Lord Byron

90 tiny programmes, each labelled with a date from 1922 to 2012 broadcast all over the BBC networks in November 2012 and online, hosted and commissioned from Testbed by BBC Radio 4 Extra.

These 90 second miniatures celebrate calibrate and curate the diversity of radio in its widest form in the BBC’s 90th year - serious, funny, evocative, personal, provocative. Extended promos saying “hooray for radio” in 90 very different ways.

Celebrate: They’re all great radio. Curate: They’re hugely diverse. Calibrate: It’s all about dimensions. We want people to reflect on this great length of time, with references and material old and new. But we also want them to reflect on what can be achieved in 90 seconds: A story, a memory, a point of view, an experience, an artwork. These are small ideas but executed on a grand scale.

Our catchphrase: "90 years is a long time in radio, but so is 90 seconds"

If you put them all together chronologically, you wouldn’t get a history of BBC Radio, you'd get a very interesting album of detailed snapshots.90 x 90 isn’t a complete history of radio. It’s more of a radio-vérité snapshot album.

Listen to all 90 here.

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And here is Elizabeth Mahoney’s assessment: “This collection of radio moments from the past 90 years is a gem of an archive to explore”