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Pick A Sky And Name It


A stylish feature for BBC Radio 4 produced by Tamsin Hughes about how Momtaza Mehri went from net-savvy 6th former to successful millennial poet, repeated January 2018


A house belonging to her grandmother is the closest poet Momtaza Mehri has ever come, to having a permanent home. Aside from summer months in London, her family picked its way across The Middle East.


“Then I just realise, I’m having this typical Somali experience where we’re literally going to the places that would be considered the bad ‘hoods.”


Talking with her mother, Momtaza revisits the childhood experiences that shaped her outlook and her coming of age as a successful millennial poet. “The internet just switched up the entire game,” Momtaza says. 


Since this was broadcast Momtaza was chosen as the new young people’s laureate for London.

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