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Fry's English Delight: BBC Radio August 2019

Dr Kate Rowley, Esther Rose Bevan and Stephen discuss British Sign Language for SIGNS OF THE TIMES tx Radio 4 27th August.  Like all shows in the series, it doeswhat it says on the familiar purple wrapper. It’s Fry, English, and Delightful. Of all our plaudits we liked a listener saying  ‘I wish Stephen Fry had been my English teacher.’

Not that pedagogy is our aim. It’s surprise, plus joy. As Stephen remarked in our programme So Wrong It’s Right, ‘Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo’. A redundant repetition? A word processor would take issue with the sentence. Yet sentence it is.

The fact that the English language, rather like Stephen, is a somewhat disobedient creature makes this the more fun. Take our show about the word ‘fuck’. Here's a disreputable edited versionStephen has had his mind kidnapped by Derren Brown, danced a plain English tango with Charlotte Green  and  talked the  language of colour with David Hockney. 

There’s more to come but if you can’t wait, go here for past programmes and samples, and here, where you’ll find some extended interviews taken from our nearly 40  programmes.

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