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Blood drops, isolated on white backgroun

Halifax, West Yorkshire, 1938 and the hunt is on for a razor-wielding serial attacker.  The papers named him The Slasher.   A huge reward was offered for leads to an arrest.  Vigilante groups formed, and innocent men set upon.   The town appeared to go mad as the list of victims grew.  Baffled police bickered about how to catch the suspect.   Eventually, and more by luck than judgement, the case was solved.    This is not ‘based on a true story’, it is a true story, as told by victims, police, newspapers and  townsfolk.  Could you guess the identity of the Slasher?

Listener Natasha: 'Gripping...  twists and turns  keep you engrossed to the very end. Not just one of 2020’s best true crime podcasts, but one of the finest history podcasts I’ve heard'

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